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The Cooperativa piccoli produttori e coltivatori d’Ogliastra is located in Lanusei, on the Eastern coast of Sardinia. It was created in 1995 thanks to the efforts of a group of producers who wanted to showcase their high quality oil to a wider range of customers.

This Cooperative today counts 250 members who take their harvest to the mill where it is processed in ways that preserve both values and methods of traditional production. Our production process ensures the members deliver the olives to the mill in crates within the 24 hours after harvest, so that they retain unaltered characteristics. The deadline for the yearly oil production is roughly the middle of January.

Organizational Chart:
The Cooperativa is managed by a Board elected by the members every 3 years. The Board then chooses the President, Vice- President and Secretary.

These are the names of the Presidents since 1995:
SIG. ARESU MARIO (03/03/1995 - 07/11/2005)
SIG. ORRU’ ATTILIO (07/11/2005 - 06/11/2010)
Dott. MURGIA ANDREA (06/11/2010 - 30/05/2011)
SIG. ANGIUS GIUSEPPE (30/05/2011 - 22/06/2012)
SIG. ROSINI ITALO (22/06/2012 – 27/05/2017)
SIG. RE PATRIZIO (27/05/2017 - today)

The present Board has been elected in 2017 and it includes :
RE PATRIZIO – President
CUBONI Piero Antonio – Vice President;
MARONGIU Elia – Secretary;
ARESU Carmine – counsilor;
BATTISTINI Fausto – counsilor;
CUCCA Orazio – counsilor;
LARA Giorgio – counsilor;
LIGAS Luigi – counsilor;
MANCA Luisa – counsilor;
ROSINI Italo – counsilor;
TEGAS Mauro – counsilor

Cooperativa piccoli produttori e coltivatori d’Ogliastra - Frantoio Oleario
Loc. Pizzu ‘e Cuccu Lanusei
Vietata la riproduzione anche parziale.

Events 2018 - Sol&Agrifood

We thank all the customers and visitors who came to visit us at our stand at SOL 2018 in Verona