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Extra Virgin Olive oil in the land of centenarians.


The Extra-Virgin olive oil “Hermanu” originates from the land of centenarians: Ogliastra. This part of Sardinia is well known all around the world for the longevity of its inhabitants and it’s one of 5 ’blue zones’ on Earth, which means it has a high number of centenarians among its residents.
Hermanu is a mono varietal oil produced from a native variety of olives, called Ogliastrina, which is particularly rustic and able to adapt to the difficult landscape of this area.

The oil is produced, packed and commercialized by the Cooperativa Piccoli Proprietari e Coltivatori d’Ogliastra, located in Lanusei.

The name Hermanu is the word used in the Sardinian language for olive oil.

The oil production by our Cooperativa is on a small scale and this aspect, together with the area where the olive trees are grown (between 450 and 700m above sea level), ensure that unique organoleptic characteristics, aromas and scents are always present.

Cooperativa piccoli produttori e coltivatori d’Ogliastra - Frantoio Oleario
Loc. Pizzu ‘e Cuccu Lanusei
Vietata la riproduzione anche parziale.

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